How to Celebrate Weddings Filipinos?

how Filipinos celebrate weddings sounds strange for foreigners, but if you do not get a chance to witness a traditional Filipino wedding, you will surely love the experience. Wedding in the Philippines is not a one-day event. The wedding preparation takes months. And then comes the wedding day itself, in most cases begins at sunrise and sunset.

Filipino weddings are usually solemnized in church, officiated by a Catholic priest or pastor, depending on the religion of the couple. Garden weddings have become very popular these days, but usually they are only permitted if it will not have a Catholic wedding .. If the couple should have been married in civil ceremonies for the first time for them to get permission given to get married in a garden or church setting.

Catholic wedding ceremony, regardless of where thuey celebrate, usually takes more than an hour to complete. The bride received a wedding car, a truck or a mode of transportation for that matter just a few minutes before the wedding. Then the church bells, signaling the start of the festivities. The wedding ceremony begins processional members of the wedding, accompanied by the groom, parents of the groom, the main sponsors (some have more than 20 pairs of main sponsors!), Who will stand as a witness, secondary sponsors, who will light the candles, and the veil and cord, the maid or matron of honor, best man, the bride's maids and junior brides maid, the coin bearer, ring bearer, bible bearer, flower girl, and finally the bride, who may or may not It must be accompanied by their parents. Sometimes the procession lasts only been 20 minutes!

The mass is appropriate to begin; of them have the wedding ceremonies, like the exchange of vows, exchange of rings, as well as those arrhae. The photo shoot for mass habit. It's another 30 minutes to an hour. If you want this part to be organized, better get the services of a professional photographer who has vast experience in wedding photographs.

After the wedding, guests proceed to the reception. It could be a hotel or place of residence of the bride. Hotel Weddings can be very expensive, but it can be less stressful to the couple and their families no longer have to stress themselves better than it already is. Weddings held in the house more comfortable and fun, though. All the neighbors will be invited to the matter very memorable. They are also less expensive, but it can be more tiring.

The wedding, the usual rituals, such as the slicing of the cake throwing and catching the bouquet and garter, and releasing pigeons, can be observed, with some variations. There is plenty of food, lots of table hopping, greeting friends and guests, photography, dance, song and tears of joy.

So how Filipinos celebrate weddings? Well, Filipino weddings celebrated joyfully for sure!

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