Pre-Wedding Rituals Wedding Bhumihar

Bhumihar caste Brahmins included. These so-called Bhumihar Brahmins. When the girl in the family, fills the wedding, they plan things. The search for partners begins. If an arranged wedding, and the bride and groom getting married in the same class. They get a chance to talk to each other, and if you love each other, the negotiations took a step forward. In Bhumihar marriage, you will see that many of the wedding customs and rituals. Yes, they are pretty interesting, but they go a few days. So if you have a wedding at home, you will see a couple pre-wedding as well.

The pre-wedding

The Bhumihar weddings, I like to find a number of pre-wedding ceremonies. These are:

  • There is a tradition called Siddhanth habit. In the priest sits and looks at the Panchanga fix the wedding date. Also, you have to see panjis both for families. These people believe in horoscopes and that plays a key role in these weddings.
  • There's also a different and strange habits. A day before the wedding, or a wedding day, you will see that the bride to wash his wife's blessing. This is because we believe that a man washing his wife is always higher than her husband, and so she always Suhag.
  • On the day of the wedding when the groom enters the wedding venue, the daughter of the bride's family would welcome him sandalwood paste.
  • In it, a couple that you can go to kul devi shrine. The bride's father takes them. Thus, the groom would get a chance to kul devi mandir sources for the bride's father.
  • Gauri puja is quite an important part of Bhumihar marriage. This is primarily performed to keep the evil away from the wedding.

Thus, we find that there are some very interesting ritual is seen Bhumihar weddings. You will really find a very meaningful ritual. Bhumihar ordinary people. But they are very strict for the wedding and the wedding rituals.

The times when the younger generation is moving away from rituals, the younger generation is very interested in Bhumihar caste wedding is a traditional and authentic way. This is the charm of Indian weddings. Just like other weddings, there is fun to be part of the wedding. Of course, you will also be able to find food and delicious meals for guests in an authentic way. You have to understand that the wedding when two families unite. So, it's really important ceremony. Thus all functions and events must be carried out correctly. Simple Bhumihar Brahmins. But he informed and educated. The bride and groom are well educated and they know the importance of culture and ethics. This is the reason that you can find these traditional weddings.

Source by Jawad Akhta

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