Magical Wedding ceremonies glorifying the Kamma

Marriages of Kamma Naidu and communities considered to be very sacred. Not unlike many Indian weddings are these flood ordinances solidify the match and bind a few Telugu Matrimony. Few people know that certain pre-wedding customs and rituals hold a special meaning, which is why they are carried out. Let's take a look at the rich traditions and pre-wedding rituals, most of which Kamma weddings.

Snathakam the Groom

an age-old custom of the groom performed specifically, the ceremony takes place in the house. It's a long time on the day of the wedding when the groom is to pick up the sacred thread. Blessed with silver thread worn around the torso, specifically the groom. The ceremony involved in all the groom's family and close relatives, especially the male members.

The Kashi Yatra Custom

As was the tradition, in ancient times, the groom is already pretend to stomp down Kashi learn Vedic verses. It's actually very enjoyable ceremony that young people join the family. While the groom will leave with an umbrella and a stick, the sister of the bride, to stop him. We have to convince him to remain and assume the duties of the bride throughout her life.

The Rite Nalagu

What constitutes the Haldi ceremony in other religions nalagu a ceremony Kamm couples. In this ritual, the groom dons cotton dhoti while the bride wears a saree that has a red border. This habit, which includes the couple and their close family, relatives, they smeared blessed oil while singing prayers. Their bodies and torso daubed turmeric is a major part of the purification ritual.

The groom must patiently watch as a barber trims his nails, while the bride's hand against the leaves of the mango tree has been smeared with milk. Right, that's been anointed the elements of family and relatives, go to the bath to cleanse them thoroughly.

The Blessed Aarti

nalagu Right from the rituals of the families of the bride and groom to attend an aarti. This is an auspicious moment when both families pray for a successful family life of the couple and bless them with wisdom.

Go to ViraGudi Mokkadam

Then the groom is on a visit to the Holy Family Church; However, this is a very special visit. A special tent is 4-5 bricks, which they are meant to symbolize viralus "which to worship a man about to get married. Anointed with turmeric and kumkum, before offered by the coconut breaking deities, after which a puja.

such a pre-wedding customs in a Kamma community, which is essential for all couples who wish to indulge in a traditional marriage.

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