How to dress a Maharashtrian wedding reception

Marathi less showy weddings, and so even the Marathi brides tend to be more simply dressed in wedding reception and all other rituals of the wedding occasion. The bride is more likely to Marathi traditionally dressed all wedding ceremonies.

Let them know how to dress traditionally and style Marathi wedding

Marathi Groom

Typically, a Marathi groom wears a dhoti kurta, which is the most traditional Maharashtrian dress for ceremonies. The Maharashtrian wedding you can choose to opt for a traditional look with plenty of selection and short, pleated pants called a dhoti. Equally, most Maharashtrians prefer, you can also opt for blended cotton embroidered kurta gold or silver designs. However, opt for silk wedding dhoti brighter colors like purple, crimson and blue. You can choose the color that blend well with the dress Marathi Bride.

You can decorate the gold jewelry that is passed down from generation older relatives. The headdress is the most unique feature of the Maharashtrian wedding and made of white flowers, pearls and gold braid.

Maharashtrian Grooms dresses, simple and elegant, yet significant to the community.

Marathi Brides

The Maharashtrians is a community of ordinary people. Therefore, the wedding reception attire is becoming less bedazzled and decorated. However Maharashtrians love bright colors can easily be seen in the choice of their color preferences. The most preferred color for wedding reception and other ceremonies or even marigold yellow, green or orange borders.

The Marathi brides like to decorate the traditional colorful dresses with pearls and gold jewelry! Traditional Marathi brides love to wear the nine-yard sari Paithani. They can be worn during all major events of the wedding. The Paithani silk sarees thick, sloping square in cross-embellished designs Pallu designs of peacocks, parrots Pallu of the Saree. Paithanis the traditional costumes of all Marathi weddings, and it has caught the imagination of today's Marathi Brides. It may be the best source of Paithan town. Make sure that the team selected a couple of months ahead of the wedding reception as craftsmen rather more than a month to hand weave truly authentic Paithani sarees.

Marathi bride can choose to wear the traditional sarees nauvari. The Nauvari sarees look like around a trouser-like appearance and a nine-meter long sari each foot instead of a "pants" long skirt normally associated with stem. Traditionally speaking, Nauvari sarees been more convenient for the women folk. What you say? You can surprise your friends, family and relatives of opting for the traditional Marathi brides looking for wedding reception.

Get adventurous and explore and choose the traditional, yet modern wedding dress in Marathi !!

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